Timing Belt Replacement Service

Timing Belt Replacement Service in Topeka, KS

As your vehicle gets older, you might expect it to encounter a mechanical problem from time to time. However, at Briggs Kia servicing the Lawrence and Carbondale, KS area, we encourage you to keep up with your routine maintenance like replacing your timing belt to prevent time-consuming breakdowns and to protect your engine from more serious damage caused by neglect.

What Does a Timing Belt Do?

The timing belt on your Kia engine works to keep the camshaft, pistons, and valves all spinning and moving in sync such that combustion is achieved without the rapidly moving parts coming in contact with each other. On many vehicles, the water and sometimes oil pumps are also operated by the timing belt through an additional pulley. Replacing your timing belt according to the recommended interval in your owner's manual prevents a failed part from causing serious damage to your engine and auxiliary pumps.

How Often Should the Timing Belt Be Replaced?

Every vehicle is different, but most Kia engines recommend that the timing belt be replaced every 40,000 to 60,000 miles. Many times there is no indication that a timing belt is getting old, but sometimes you may hear squealing when the engine is first engaged. An inspection is the best way to identify that it is time to change the belt. If you wait to replace it beyond its recommended lifespan, the belt can stretch and crack. When that happens, it can slip around the pulleys which can make the valves and pistons move out of sequence. In a worst-case scenario, it can burn your pistons and bend the valve stems which would require an engine rebuild or replacing the engine. Your water pump could stop working, which could result in the engine overheating. The oil may stop circulating. It is possible even for the engine to seize. The cost to replace your timing belt is typically a few hundred dollars, while the cost of replacing or repairing all the pumps and engine parts could easily run into the thousands.

Timing Belt Replacement Service at Briggs Kia Service Center

If it is time to have your timing belt inspected and replaced and you live in the Topeka, KS area, bring your vehicle down to the service center at Briggs Kia. Our factory-trained technicians will handle this common maintenance task quickly and accurately using authorized Kia parts. Schedule your timing belt service using our fast and convenient online form or give us a call at (785) 246-8021 and speak to one of our service advisors. Wait in our guest lounge while taking advantage of free wi-fi and our snack bar. Better yet, drop it off on your way to work and pick it up when you are heading home.

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