Suspension Service - Control Arm and Bushing

Suspension Service - Control Arm and Bushing

Control Arm and Bushing Service in Topeka, KS

The springs and struts in your vehicle’s suspension allow your tires to move while driving. These keep the vehicle’s ride smooth and safe. The control arms and bushings are an integral part of the suspension system that makes a better driving system. Sometimes, though, they can develop problems that need to be repaired by a certified technician. At Briggs Kia in Topeka, KS, our team will diagnose the issue then get it fixed. Many customers take the short drive over from Lawrence and Carbondale, KS.

Signs of a Problem

There are several signs to watch for that can indicate that there is a problem. Unusual knocking or thumping noises when going over a bump suggests an inadequate control arm bushing. When a bushing is so worn that it no longer holds the control arm, the arm moves around and creates noise. Also, when the control arm moves, it will cause the tire to wear unusually. Bad bushings will also alter the alignment of the vehicle. This makes the car seem to wander in the lane, pull to one side, or become difficult to steer.

Control Arm Bushings

Your vehicle’s tires and wheels are mounted on the steering knuckles. This is connected to the vehicle’s frame by the control arms. These arms allow the wheels to move when they go over bumps. The bushings are located between the control arms and the body of the vehicle. They prevent the buildup of friction when the control arm moves and lessens any vibrations or noises. A metal sleeve and rubber padding protect the bushings. The bushings secure the control arm to the vehicle’s body by a large bolt in the bushing. There will be two bushings for each control arm.

Repairing Control Arm and Bushings

When our team discovers that the bushings are faulty, they will replace them. This is a precise repair that needs to be left to certified technicians. If the bushings cannot be separated, the control arm will need to be replaced. Our technicians follow Kia’s specifications for replacing bushings correctly. Is your vehicle used for heavy work? Your technician may recommend replacing both bushings whenever there is an issue. Replacing them regularly will help the car perform better longer. It is also recommended that whenever you replace your bushings, have a wheel alignment also done.

Briggs Kia Service Department

At our service department in Topeka, KS, our team is ready to help you care for your vehicle.  If you believe there is a problem with your suspension system or just hearing unusual noises, bring your vehicle in. We’ll get the issue resolved so that you can get back on the road. When your car needs quality service and care, see us!

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Briggs Kia Dealership Amenities

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