Suspension Service - Ball Joint

Suspension Service - Ball Joint

Shocks and Struts Maintenance

Maintaining your vehicle is essential to keeping it operating in optimal shape. The most important thing is to follow the guidelines outlined in your vehicle's owner's manual by the automaker. Even with regular maintenance, some issues can develop, such as with the suspension system. This can include the ball joint. While you may not be familiar with your vehicle's suspension system's intricacies, if you suspect that there is a problem, come see us at Briggs Kia. Our service center, in Topeka, KS, is conveniently located near Lawrence and Carbondale, KS.

Signs of Suspension System Problems

Several signs may indicate that there is a problem with the suspension system, including the ball joint. At the first sign of any issue, you should bring your vehicle in to be examined by a certified technician.  Problems with the ball joint include unusual clunking noises. The steering wheel may begin to shake. Abnormal wear patterns on the tires or floating in the lane are also signals that should not be overlooked. These can mean that the vehicle is not safe the drive. The best move is to bring it in and let our knowledgeable technicians diagnose the problem.

The Role of the Ball Joint

Your vehicle's ball joint is an essential part of the suspension system. This ball and socket system connects the steering knuckles to the control arms. Its flexibility allows the wheels to steer and the suspension to move in a coordinated manner. Every vehicle has multiple ball joint assemblies. The number depends on the type of suspension system.

Repairing or Replacing Ball Joint Assemblies

While your Kia is constructed using the highest standards, over time, some elements will wear out. This includes the ball joints in your suspension system. Not getting regular alignments will wear on both the ball joints and the tires. This can create unusual wear patterns on tires and mysterious noises from the ball joint when it becomes loose. If it is not seen to, loose ball joints can cause the entire suspension to collapse. This can mean that you can lose control of the vehicle while driving.

Caring for Your Vehicle's Suspension System

Repairing the suspension system needs to be performed by a certified Kia technician. Many local mechanics won't have the equipment or knowledge to handle this procedure adequately. If repairs are required, the technician must remove the wheels and control arms to replace the ball joints.

Briggs Kia Service Center

In Topeka, KS, technicians at our service center are ready to help you care for your vehicle. If you begin to see any signs of suspension problems, see us. We'll diagnose the issue and get it corrected. Quality vehicle service is our priority!

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