Types of Kia Oil Change Services

Conventional, Semi-Synthetic & Fully Synthetic Oil

No other regular service can give Kia owners a bigger return on investment than following the manufacturer's recommended oil change schedule. When that oil change light comes on or the odometer rolls over and reminds you that it's time to come in for an oil change look no further than your friends at Briggs Kia in Topeka, Kansas. We have been servicing and changing the oil in Kia vehicles just like yours for years. Our friendly and experienced certified Kia technicians can help walk you through the recommended oil type for your Kia vehicle, along with any other service recommendations. Don't delay, come in or call Briggs Kia today to experience oil change services as they should be!

Oil Changes

Types of Oil We Offer

Your Kia vehicle's engine requires lubrication to keep the various pistons, components, and systems working within tight tolerances, high pressure, and high heat. That is why engine oil is so crucial to the healthy operation of your engine.

Your engine's oil, like all things, does break down and degrades over time. Contaminants and other particles can also enter your vehicle's system over time, compromising the effectiveness of your engine's oil. If you fail to have your engine oil changed regularly, or at all, this can lead to an undesirable build-up of particulates along with reduced performance and even engine failure in extreme cases. In addition to changing your oil, you also need to use the manufacturer-recommended type of oil in your engine. There are three major types for Kia vehicles, this includes conventional, semi-synthetic, and synthetic.






Conventional Oil

This type of oil is petroleum-based and has the shortest working life of the three types of oil. Conventional oil breaks down over time, becoming less viscous over time at high temperatures.

Semi-Synthetic & Full Synthetic Oil

These are "synthetic" because they have beneficial additives that improve performance. These additives also help them remain viscous for longer.


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Here at Briggs Kia, we have been satisfying customers in Topeka, Kansas and the surrounding areas of Lawrence and Carbondale, Kansas for years. There are many reasons, but our commitment to comfort is one of them, that's why we offer a comfortable lounge area along with coffee and beverages for your enjoyment. We also offer newspapers and magazines. Our certified technician's area also factory trained and we boast genuine Kia parts and accessories. Come in today and experience the Briggs Kia difference for yourself!

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Briggs Kia Amenities
Briggs Kia Amenities
Briggs Kia Amenities

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