Power Steering Fluid Exchange Service

Power Steering Fluid Exchange Service

Power Steering Fluid Service at Briggs Kia

Nearly all modern vehicles have a power steering pump. This pump powers the power steering system, which makes your vehicle much easier to handle. The power steering pump is hydraulically operated, meaning that it is powered by fluid pressure. This special fluid lasts a long time, but it does occasionally need to be exchanged for fresh fluid. A power steering fluid exchange is a very important maintenance service, and putting it off can have negative effects on your vehicle. Read on to learn more about the importance of power steering fluid exchange.

Why Power Steering Fluid Exchange Is Important

Many drivers overlook the power steering fluid exchange service, but it is very important for the health of your vehicle. A power steering pump with fresh fluid will function optimally. This means that your vehicle will be easier to handle, which will make it safer and more fun to drive. Procrastinating on getting a power steering fluid exchange, on the other hand, may have consequences.

What May Happen If You Put Off Power Steering Fluid Exchange

Putting off a power steering fluid exchange is not advisable. A power steering pump with old fluid will not work as well. Your vehicle will be harder to handle, which could even make driving less safe. Also, if your power steering pump has a leak and this is not discovered during a routine service, it may run completely out of fluid. This could result in the pump breaking, which could be expensive. A pump that is low on fluid may also be loud and annoying. It's much easier to simply come into our service center and get a power steering fluid exchange.

Automotive Service & Repair At Briggs Kia

Drivers in Topeka, KS and nearby communities like Lawrence and Carbondale can get a power steering fluid exchange and any other automotive maintenance or repair work they may need at our service center. Our certified technicians are capable of properly performing maintenance and repairs on Kia vehicles and vehicles from all other major manufacturers. You can wait in our WiFi-equipped waiting room and enjoy our complimentary refreshments while we work on your vehicle. Making an appointment can be done easily through our website or via phone call. You're also welcome to simply bring your vehicle in during our service hours, and we'll complete the work as quickly as possible. Contact us today for an appointment.

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Briggs Kia Dealership Amenities
Briggs Kia Dealership Amenities
Briggs Kia Dealership Amenities
Briggs Kia Dealership Amenities

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