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Muffler Repair Service

Muffler Repair Service in Shawnee County

A bad muffler can be more than loud and annoying, it can also ruin your gas mileage. At Briggs Kia in Topeka, KS, our factory-trained technicians can inspect and repair your muffler. Don’t risk getting a noise violation ticket in Lawrence and Carbondale, KS, bring your car or truck into our service department today. Our technicians put together this handy information so you can learn more about the signs of a bad muffler.

Signs You Need to Get Your Muffler Repaired

Drivers in Lawrence and Carbondale, KS can look out for these classic signs of a bad muffler:

  • Bad Odor - If you're smelling a bad odor in your car like the smell of exhaust this can be one of the clearest signs that your muffler has been damaged.
  • Poor Gas Mileage -  If your gas mileage has suddenly decreased, this can mean that your muffler is failing.
  • Loud Noises -  One of the most important jobs of your muffler is to keep your exhaust noise down. As your muffler breaks down and becomes damaged your car will become louder.

What Does a Muffler Do?

Your muffler is responsible for silencing the noise that comes out of the exhaust of your car. A defective or broken muffler will mean that your car becomes much louder than it was while your muffler was still working. In addition to this, faulty mufflers can have a severe impact on your gas mileage. This is because your muffler filters out exhaust fumes and a clogged filter can cause your engine to run less optimally.

Besides the fuel efficiency concerns, if your muffler breaks and your car becomes too noisy, you can get a noise violation ticket. Severely damaged mufflers can also fall off in traffic causing hazardous situations for other drivers and potentially damaging other parts of your vehicle if they get stuck. Muffler repair is one of the best examples of an affordable and quick repair for your vehicle that can save you tons of money down the road.

Schedule a Muffler repair service at briggs kia

Our factory-certified technicians can repair your damaged muffler or replace it with one of our Genuine Kia parts and accessories. While your vehicle is being repaired, you can enjoy a complimentary coffee and our Lounge area. If your gas mileage has taken a dive or your car has gotten much louder than it used to be, it’s time to get that muffler repaired. Contact our Topeka, KS dealership today for more information.

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