Four-Wheel Alignment Service

Wheel Alignment 101

Wheel Alignment is a commonly used phrase in the auto industry that covers the three primary angles defining how the wheel-tire assemblies meet the steering and suspension system. When the wheel-tire assemblies are in precision alignment at factory specifications, the tires will pivot while being parallel to each other with tire rubber meeting the road in a perfect 90-degree right angle. Parallel-turning wheels provide you with a smooth ride that has comfortable cornering while tire rubber meeting the road at the right angle helps extend the tires’ life. Every 4-Wheel Alignment Service at Briggs Kia features a factory-trained Kia technician using laser-guided computerized wheel alignment equipment to assess and reset wheel angles as necessary to restore factory specifications. Each of the three wheel angles including the camber, caster, and toe are all targeted, assessed, and reset as needed to restore the comfortable driving experience and maximum tire life that you expect.

What are the Symptoms of Poor Wheel Alignment?

When wheels are out of alignment, your tires are out of alignment too. Since the weakness of the wheel-tire assembly that is out of alignment is the tire rubber that meets the road, the symptoms of poor wheel alignment mostly surface as tire wear and tear or a decrease in the quality of your driving experience. Here is a list of the most common symptoms that tend to show up when a vehicle has poor wheel alignment: 

  • Rapid wear on tires
  • Uneven tire tread wear patterns 
  • Bald or balding on the tire tread surface 
  • Tire sidewall or the side of the tire has damage 
  • Vehicle pulls to one side when the steering wheel is straight 
  • Vibration while driving 

4-Wheel Alignment Service at Briggs Kia

Briggs Kia has a crew of factory-trained Kia Technicians ready to provide you with the region’s best 4-Wheel Alignment Service. Schedule a 4-Wheel Alignment Service today at Briggs Kia of Topeka, and we’ll assign a factory-trained Kia technician to the service. With factory-training and a deep understanding of your vehicle, who else is better to handle the service? Gain peace of mind with your next 4-Wheel Alignment Service at Briggs Kia of Topeka because we understand your Kia car, crossover, minivan, or SUV better than anyone else around.

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Briggs Kia Dealership Amenities
Briggs Kia Dealership Amenities
Briggs Kia Dealership Amenities
Briggs Kia Dealership Amenities

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