Exhaust System Service

Exhaust System Service

The Importance of Maintaining Your Vehicle's Exhaust System

Your vehicle’s exhaust system is an essential part of your vehicle, and it’s important that it’s taken care of and performing at its best. The exhaust system is designed to direct harmful gases away from you and your passengers and to help keep the air clean by reducing the emissions that are released from your vehicle into the environment.

Unfortunately, because the exhaust system is under the vehicle, the road grime and salt often causes it to wear quicker than other components of your vehicle, especially if it’s left unchecked. Ignoring your exhaust system for too long before bringing your vehicle into Briggs Kia in Topeka, KS may lead to extensive repairs and expenses.

Signs Your Exhaust System Needs Repairs

There are a few warning signs that may mean there are issues with the exhaust system. One of the first signs people notice is the loud exhaust noises. If you are noticing that your vehicle sounds louder than normal, it’s most likely due to a problem with the exhaust pipe or the muffler. It’s best to have the technicians at Briggs Kia in Lawrence and Carbondale, KS inspect the exhaust system and make the necessary repairs as soon as possible. Other signs of a potential exhaust problem may include:

  • Vibrations - If your vehicle vibrates or it is losing power, it may be a problem with the exhaust.
  • Rattling noises - One of the first signs of a failing catalytic converter is the sound of rattling metal. If there is a problem with the catalytic converter, you must get it repaired as soon as you hear the slightest rattling, because this can be an expensive repair if it’s not addressed quickly.
  • Engine light - If there is an issue with the catalytic converter, it may trip the check engine light on the dashboard. Anytime the check engine light comes on, it’s best to have the vehicle inspected to determine if it’d due to the exhaust system or another issue that needs fixing immediately.

Consequences of Avoiding Exhaust System Repairs

The longer you put off having problems with the exhaust system fixed, the greater the risk is of more serious problems arising. By avoiding fixing the exhaust system, some of the most common consequences include:

  • Reduced fuel economy - If the exhaust develops a leak near the engine, it can have a significant impact on fuel usage. The greater the leak, the more fuel your engine will burn, which means you’ll be spending more time and money at the gas pumps.
  • Increased emissions - The exhaust system is designed to direct the fumes away from the front of your vehicle and reduce engine noise while helping to maintain fuel efficiency. If there is an exhaust leak, it leads to higher emissions. The exhaust system of your vehicle produces six gases, three of which are extremely toxic; carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, nitrogen monoxide. A leak prevents these toxic gases from being directed away from the vehicle and going through the tailpipe, which means it is being released into the air.
  • Damages to other parts - Fumes leaking from a cracked exhaust pipe may damage the surrounding parts & components and possibly even cause a fire.
  • Toxic fumes enter the vehicle - One of the most serious consequences of a failing exhaust system is the risk of poisonous gases seeping inside your vehicle. If these fumes, such as carbon monoxide get into the vehicle it can cause illness and may be potentially fatal.

Schedule Service at Briggs Kia

The fact of the matter is, if you avoid repairing a damaged exhaust system it will end up costing you more for repairs in the long run. Most small leaks and cracks can be quickly and easily repaired by the technicians at Briggs Kia in Topeka, KS. To avoid the risk of a leak or other damages to your exhaust system, it’s best to have the exhaust system inspected once a year. To schedule an inspection or repairs for your Kia, contact Briggs Kia in Topeka, Lawrence, and Carbondale, KS, or stop by our service department.

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