How Was Your Experience at Briggs Kia?

We’re committed to providing excellent customer service here at Briggs Kia.

Therefore, we feel it’s important to hear from our customers about their experience doing business with our team.

Let us know how you felt about your time here at the Briggs Kia dealership! No matter your feedback, we’ll take it to heart!

Casey Huskey (The Topeka Car Guy) hooked me up with a great new car. He worked hard to find a car that met my budget requirements. He was so funny, and nice.. I highly recommend Briggs and Casey Huskey. He truly is the Topeka Car Guy!

Pamela P.

Just bought a car yesterday, Johnny was great and helped me though all the steps to getting my first car. Even gave me his employee discount. Great experience! would definitely recommend!

Brandon L.

After shopping all over Topeka and receiving a few really bad offers, my wife convinced me to visit the Kia dealership. I'm not the kind of guy who usually gives positive online reviews, but i have to say that I was very impressed across the board with this organization. We felt like valued customers from start to finish, we didn't feel rushed or pressured in any way, and we actually got the vehicle we wanted...at the price we wanted. I know that a lot of the sales pitch is a "dog and pony show," but seriously...if we're spending $14k on something, a bit of dog and pony is nice. We've only had our vehicle for about five weeks at this point, but barring anything catastrophic or a complete breakdown in Kia's customer service, I can't envision my family buying a vehicle anywhere else...ever. Car shopping is always such a giant pain in the rump, but the people with whom we dealt at the Kia dealership made it a nice experience. If your're shopping for a vehicle and you don't at least stop by and check them out, you just don't know what your doing.

Doc M.

Every time I go in to get my van serviced it's always a great experience. I have to bring my small children with me (who aren't always patient- surprising right?) everyone there always makes sure we're taken care of. Today and like many times before, in the service department they are always wiling to help round up my babies and play with them until I'm done checking out. Love the staff here. Thank you so much for being understanding and lending a hand!

Kristyna S.

Best service I've ever had. The people are easy and treat you well.By far the best cars on the road. Their service department is honest and treat you right!

Melissa W.