Brake Rotor Resurfacing & Replacement

Kia Brake Rotor Resurfacing & Replacement

Kia Brake Rotor Resurfacing and Replacement

If you have ever looked at your car's braking system, you might have noticed circular discs connected to each wheel. These circular discs are called brake rotors, and they are designed to convert kinetic energy into thermal energy. In other words, every time you engage the brakes, the brake pads squeeze against the surface area of rotors to create friction. This friction acts as the braking force by resisting the spin of the wheels.  Most passenger cars have smooth brake motors, but there are other high-performance variations, such as slotted or drilled brake rotors.

Why Is Kia Brake Rotor Resurfacing or Replacement Needed?

Just as brake pads wear out over time due to heat and friction, brake rotors also wear out with regular use. If you don’t get your brake rotors repaired or resurfaced on time, it might damage the entire braking system. More importantly, the safety of the car is heavily compromised with bad brake rotors. If there is enough thickness in the rotors, they might just need resurfacing; otherwise, they will need to be replaced. Regular brake system inspections might allow you to resurface the rotors on time before replacement becomes necessary.

What Are the Signs of Issues With My Kia's Brake Rotors?

  • One of the first signs of bad rotors is noise. If you hear a squeaking or grinding noise when you engage the brakes, there could be a rotor problem.
  • Another common sign is vibrations from the brake pedal. In severe cases, the vibrations might be even felt through the chassis of the car.
  • Upon visual inspection, if there are any score marks on the rotor, that means the rotors need to be fixed.
  • Lastly, reduced braking performance could mean there is an issue with the rotor.

Where to Get Brake Rotor Service in Topeka, KS?

You can get your brake rotors inspected at Briggs Kia in Topeka, KS. Nearby cities of Lawrence and Carbondale, KS, are also within short driving distance to the location. All the technicians at Briggs Kia are factory certified, and after inspecting your brakes, they can advise whether the brake rotors need resurfacing or replacement.

Amenities Offered by Briggs Kia

There is a comfortable waiting lounge for customers at Briggs Kia. There is also complimentary coffee, beverage, newspaper, and magazine service available at the location. All the parts and accessories available at Briggs Kia are genuine OEM Kia parts. You can book an appointment with Briggs KIA by contacting their staff through phone, website, or on-site visit.

Complimentary Dealership Amenities

  • Factory-Trained Kia Technicians
  • Comfortable Lounge Area
  • Latest Magazines & Newspapers
  • Coffee/Beverages
  • Genuine Kia Parts & Accessories
  • And More!
Briggs Kia Dealership Amenities
Briggs Kia Dealership Amenities
Briggs Kia Dealership Amenities
Briggs Kia Dealership Amenities

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