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Basic Maintenance for your Kia at the 30,000-mile mark

At 30,000 miles, your Kia car, crossover, minivan, or SUV is just starting to get broken in; however, the 30K mile mark is precisely when several vital maintenance intervals come together. With so many essential maintenance intervals converging at the same mileage, it just makes sense that a service center that wants to extend their customers tremendous value would bundle the essential maintenance services into a single package that helps save some money while remaining diligent with the maintenance interval outlined in the owner's manual. The 30K Maintenance Special is so robust and exciting that it includes all of these basic maintenances: Oil Filter, Tire Rotation & Balance, Fuel Induction Service (internal combustion engine models), Brake Fluid Exchange, Engine Air Filter, Cabin Filter, and Alignment Inspection. If your Kia is at the 30,000-mile mark, you're diligent with maintenance, and you'd like to save some money on service, the 30K Maintenance Special at Briggs Kia in Topeka is right on time. Briggs Kia in Topeka is conveniently located near Lawrence, KS & Carbondale, KS.

Breakdown of the Kia 30K Maintenance Special

The 30K Maintenance Special was designed to help our loyal Kia customers maintain their world-class vehicle. This means doing whatever is necessary for diligence to the recommended maintenance interval so that your Kia car, crossover, minivan, or SUV is ready to travel another thirty thousand miles. Here is a list of everything included in the 30K Maintenance Special with a summary of the service and its primary objectives:

  • Oil Filter - removes your old oil filter full of metal shavings and replaces it with a genuine Kia oil filter
  • Tire Rotation & Balance - tire rotation moves tires to a new wheel location, and tire balancing ensures an equal weight distribution on each wheel-tire assembly, both promoting smooth driving and maximum tire life
  • Fuel Induction - cleans fuel induction components to factory specifications for peak engine performance
  • Brake Fluid - exchanges contaminated brake fluid with new genuine Kia brake fluid
  • Engine Air Filter - removes the old engine air filter and replaces it with a new genuine Kia engine air filter
  • Cabin Air Filter - removes the cabin air filter and replaces it with a new genuine cabin air filter
  • Wheel Alignment Inspection -  measures wheel angles to ensure they are at factory specifications
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