2018 KIA Niro Plug-In Hybrid Topeka Kansas


If you've seen some of these new hybrid vehicles on the road with two fuel receptors, you may be wondering what's going on. These new hybrid plug-ins have one inlet for a gas nozzle and another for a plug you can connect at home. Let the car charge and you'll get an impressive driving range on pure electric power. You might think that charging a car this big is expensive, but it's really not that expensive when you compare it to the cost of gasoline. The hybrids save you money, and they can even recharge while they are driving down the road to save you even more money. Explore the 2018 KIA Niro Plug-In Hybrid in Topeka Kansas. The 2018 KIA Niro Plug-In Hybrid is an amazing fuel-efficient vehicle.


No matter what trim level you go with, all of the hybrid car models come with some truly stunning interior features. You'll get luxury features like a full-screen navigation system that also lets you select and control your audio preferences. The vehicle comes in three feature-rich trims so you can select the option that meets your needs. If music is your think, make sure you listen to the Harman/Kardon speaker system that is designed to give you an outstanding audio experience. You'll love this vehicle for all of its intuitive features that truly work to make your life easier and more convenient. Come down and explore this vehicle when it becomes available to get the best possible deals we have to offer. We want to help you get to know this vehicle inside and out so that you can decide if a plugin will work for your needs. 2018 Niro Plug-In Hybrid quotes are available from Briggs KIA serving Topeka Lawerence Manhattan Kansas City KIA customers.


This innovated vehicle doesn't look like it's a hybrid from the outside. If you've ever driven a hybrid you know how people automatically assume you're driving slow even if you're going 15 over the speed limit. It's a perception that the exterior of this latest model will smash into the ground forever. Not only is the vehicle highly fuel efficient, it's designed to give you one of the best possible driving experiences you've ever had. Come down and explore this vehicle so that you can get an incredible new car that is able to keep up with your demands. The vehicle is designed to offer amazing crossover functionality, and you'll love the dynamic performance that this vehicle has to offer. An alluring design that tells the world you're ready for some serious adventure is one of its best aesthetic features. Discover the 2018 KIA Niro Plug-In Hybrid in Topeka Kansas. 


The vehicle is designed with four-wheel disc brakes to ensure you're able to stop quickly when needed. There is also an all-wheel drive version that is expected to become available when it's released shortly. The vehicle is designed using a smart shell that protects you and your passengers should you get into an accident. It has a smart transmission system that will give you a smooth ride when you couple it with the amazing suspension that is designed to keep your front and rear vehicle running along smoothly as if all the components dance perfectly together. This ballet of features is designed simply to provide you with an incredible driving experience for much less than the competition. 2018 Niro Plug-In Hybrid quotes are provided by Briggs KIA serving Topeka Lawerence Manhattan Kansas City KIA customers.


The powertrain of this vehicle is designed to provide you with the best of both worlds. Traditionally, you could expect to get a 150 horsepower or higher gasoline engine and a 50 horsepower electric engine that is able to power you through your life. The vehicle also can use electric up to 50 miles per hour so that you can get an exceptional level of power and control. If you've never driven 62 miles per hour on the freeway with pure electric, you're in for a real treat when you take a test drive. Just make sure to give us a call and schedule your test drive so the vehicle can be fully charged before you get here. We take these vehicles on a lot of test drives, so you need to make sure we know you're coming. Get to know the 2018 KIA Niro Plug-In Hybrid in Topeka Kansas.


Amazing safety features are a standard component of any vehicle. When you get a new vehicle from our manufacturer, you'll know you're getting the same passive and active features regardless of the trim level you choose. This means you never have to sacrifice your safety to save a bit of money. We want to help you understand all of the new features so give us a call right away. The 2018 KIA Niro Plug-In Hybrid is a vehicle you must test drive when it's available.


2018 Niro Plug-In Hybrid quotes are available from Briggs KIA serving Topeka Lawerence Manhattan Kansas City KIA customers. Come down and get a 2018 KIA Niro Plug-In Hybrid from our dealership today. We want to be your preferred dealership for all your automotive needs. We can get you the financing you need to take home a vehicle today, but you must call us to find out about our special details and incentives that can help you out. If you're in the area, you can also stop by. We would love to see you.

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