How Does the KIA Cadenza vs. Toyota Avalon Battle Play-out?

By Briggs Kia | Posted in Comparisons, Kia Cadenza, Sales on Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 at 5:06 pm
2014 KIA Cadenza in Kansas

Introducing the 2014 KIA Cadenza

KIA Cadenza vs. Toyota Avalon

That’s right; the new flagship model from KIA is in, the 2014 KIA Cadenza.  We’ve been impressed by Cadenza since first seeing it and we’re sure our customers will to.  This exciting new KIA offers outstanding luxury that can compete against the likes of entry-level Audi’s or BMW’s, but we’re going to compare it to a more traditional competitor, the Avalon, in our KIA Cadenza vs. Toyota Avalon comparison blog.  At Briggs KIA we’re thrilled to have the 2014 KIA Cadenza in Topeka for you, and we invite you to schedule a test drive or stop by our showroom and we’ll show you one.  Continue reading for more on our KIA Cadenza vs. Toyota Avalon comparison.

2014 KIA Cadenza in Kansas

2013 Toyota Avalon, the competition

Although it’s not always the best indicator in a comparison, price in our KIA Cadenza vs. Toyota Avalon comparison is relatively close with the Cadenza edging out the Avalon with an MSRP of $35,100 vs. Avalon’s MSRP of $35,500; though the difference between the models is only $400.  Power comes from a V-6 for both the Cadenza and the Avalon.  The KIA Cadenza offers a 3.3L 293-HP giving it the decided advantage over Avalon with a 3.5L producing 268-HP.  The tradeoff is in fuel efficiency where the Avalon pulls slightly ahead with its 31 mpg highway vs. Cadenza’s 28 mpg.

2014 KIA Cadenza in Kansas

Luxurious interior in Cadenza

When you look at the features you find the KIA Cadenza’s got everything and begs for comparison with competitors who’ve long carved out their niche in the full-sized entry-level luxury segment.  In stacking up the KIA Cadenza vs. Toyota Avalon we find several features standard on the Cadenza that are either optional or not available on the Avalon.  Some notable features on Cadenza and not found on Avalon are Active Front Headrests, Hill Assist Control and a 12-speaker Infinity Audio system vs. Avalon’s 9-speaker system.  The Cadenza also offers an optional memory steering column making it easier for drivers of different sizes to share the family sedan; not available on the Toyota Avalon.

Toyota Avalon's interior

Toyota Avalon’s interior

In our KIA Cadenza vs. Toyota Avalon comparison it’s clear the KIA Cadenza is big competition for Avalon and other full-sized sedan.  Offering exceptionally sporty and confident handling, an outstanding compliment of standard equipment and much more; if you’re considering an Avalon we suggest you drive a Cadenza, you’ll be glad you did.  At Briggs KIA of Topeka we’re pretty impressed with the KIA Cadenza and we’re sure you will be too.  If Cadenza is not the car for you our selection of new and used cars in Topeka is sure to offer the right vehicle to meet your needs.  Stop by and shop our selection and thank you for choosing Briggs KIA of Topeka.

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